Our Vision

At Shivam Incorporation, our vision is to be a leading manufacturer of highquality specialty chemicals that enable sustainability, self-reliance, and growth of the Indian chemical industry. We aim to reduce import dependence by producing import substitutes domestically.

 Our Values

We are driven by our core values of trust, consistency, innovation, humility, integrity, and passion. These values shape the way we operate and interact with our partners.

Quality & Reliability

By upholding stringent quality control at each step of the manufacturing process, we ensure our products meet the highest standards consistently. Our customers can rely on us for top-grade specialty chemicals tailored to their requirements.

Trust & Consistency

We believe in building transparent, long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. Ethics, honesty, and consistency are paramount to gaining trust in this industry.


We encourage our teams to ideate and adopt innovative techniques that help improve efficiency, reduce waste, and develop new solutions. This drive for innovation enables us to meet evolving market needs.


Despite our success and experience, we remain humble listeners who value feedback. This humility helps us continuously evolve and improve.


Integrity and ethics provide the foundation for our actions and decisions. We are committed to operating honestly and responsibly.


Our team is passionate about enabling progress through chemistry. This zeal motivates us to keep raising the bar and delivering excellence.